The Fourth Revolution: How the Infosphere is Reshaping Human Reality

Who are we? And what is our role in the universe?

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) is radically changing not only how we deal with the world and make sense of it, or interact with each other, but also how we look at ourselves and understand our own nature, existence, and responsibilities

In this book, written for non-experts,  I discuss such impact of ICTs on our lives and on our self-understanding. I suggest that ICTs are bringing about a fourth revolution, in the long process of reassessment of humanity’s fundamental nature and role in the universe. We are not immobile, at the centre of the universe (Copernican revolution); we are not unnaturally distinct and different from the rest of the animal world (Darwinian revolution); and we are far from being entirely transparent to ourselves (Freudian revolution). ICTs are now making us realise that we are not disconnected agents, but informational organisms (inforgs), who share with other kinds of agents a global environment, ultimately made of information, the infosphere (Turing revolution).

In light of this conclusion, I argue that we should upgrade our philosophy and expand our ecological and ethical approach to both natural and man-made realities, in order to cope successfully with the new challenges posed by ICTs.

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