Editorial works

Some edited books

Some edited special issues

  • The Monist, “What is Information? Shannon-Weaver and Beyond” (forthcoming).
  • (with Bert Baumgaertner) Topoi, “The Philosophy of Information” (forthcoming).
  • (with Patrick Allo) Minds and Machines, on the logic and philosophy of information (forthcoming).
  • Metaphilosophy, “Editor’s Cut – The Future of Philosophical Research according to Journal Editors”, 2011, 44.3.
  • (with Mariarosaria Taddeo) Ethics and Information Technology, on e-Trust, 2011, 13.1
  • Minds and Machines, “The Construction of Personal Identities Online”, 2011, 21.4.
  • (with Elizabeth Black and Allan Third) Synthese, on “The Nature and Scope of Information”, 2010, 175.1, 1-3.
  • (with Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson) Synthese, on “The Philosophy of Information and Logic”, 2009, 167.2. Introduction (with Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson).
  • The Information Society, on “The Philosophy of Information, its Nature and Future Developments”, 2009, 25.3. The Information Society and Its Philosophy: Introduction to the Special Issue on “The Philosophy of Information, its Nature and Future Developments”.
  • (with Patrick Allo) Logique et Analyse, on “Logic and the Philosophy of Information”, 2006, 49.196.
  • (with Julian Savulescu) Ethics and Information Technology, on Information Ethics: Agents, Artifacts and New Cultural Perspectives, 2006, 8.4.
  • Minds & Machines, “The Philosophy of Information”, 2003, 13.4 and 2004, 14.1.
  • special issue of Etica & Politica (Department of Philosophy, University of Trieste) on computer ethics, November, 1999.