AI4People Atomium – European Institute for Science, Media and Democracy 2018-2019
Data Philanthropy (Ethical Code for Posthumous Data Donation) Microsoft Academic Grant 2018-2019
Digital Ethics: Algorithms and Automation Google Academic Grant 2018-2019
Ethics Foresight Analysis of Digital Innovation Facebook Academic Grant 2018
Digital Ethics: The Ethics of AI Google Academic Grant 2017-2018
ROADMAP – Real world outcomes across the Alzheimer’s Disease spectrum for better care: Multi-modal data access platform European Commission, Horizon 2020 2016-2019
The Ethics of Medical Data Analytics: Opportunities and Challenges Microsoft Academic Grant 2016
PETRAS – Privacy and Trust in Internet of Things Security Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council 2016-2018
GoodLife Online – Viral Messaging: its Nature and Dynamics Tencent Research Grant (Oriental Power Holdings Ltd) 2015-2018
An Ethical Framework for the New Civic Responsibilities of Online Service Providers Google Academic Grant 2015
LOGIVIS: The Logics of Information Visualisation European Commission – Marie Curie Fellowship Grant, H2020, MSCA-IF-2014 2014-2016
The Ethics of Biomedical Big Data John Fell Main Award 2014-2015
The Onlife Initiative European Commission, Digital Agenda 2012-2013
Protection of Information and the Right to Privacy: A New Equilibrium? Google Academic Grant 2012
Understanding Information Quality Standards and their Challenges Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), UK 2011-2013
Online Security and Civil Rights: A Fine Ethical Balance University of Hertfordshire, QR Grant 2012
Online Security Google Academic Grant 2012
The New Ethical Responsibilities of Internet Service Providers Google Academic Grant 2011
The Ethics of Information Warfare: Risks, Rights and Responsibilities Marie Curie Fellowship Grant, FP7-PEOPLE-2009-IEF 2010-2012
Recreational Drugs’ European Network: an ICT prevention service addressing the use of novel compounds in vulnerable individuals Ethical WP – Second Programme of Community Action in the Field of Health 2008-2013
The Construction of Personal Identities Online Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), UK 2009-2011
Gauss Professorship Göttingen Academy of Sciences 2008-2009
China lecture tour British Academy and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing 2008