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Leading universities rated 'bronze' under new ranking system (Oxford gets gold)
- Thursday Jun 22 - 3:11pm

RT @Idento_one: Der Mensch als “Data Subject” – Interview mit Luciano Floridi
- Wednesday Jun 21 - 6:26pm

Guns kill 1,300 US children every year, study finds
- Monday Jun 19 - 9:19pm

Inside the biggest cyber-war game in the world @AJEnglish
- Monday Jun 19 - 9:17pm

No, the Daily Mail did not tell May to 'GO NOW'
- Monday Jun 19 - 2:04pm

Landslide majority in sight for Macron as France elects parliament via @Reuters
- Sunday Jun 18 - 10:21am

My contribution to "Hacking Democracy" a recording of an Exponential View salon London, May 2017 @oxfordethicslab
- Saturday Jun 17 - 12:31pm

My contribution to re:publica 2017 Das Kulturelle Gedächtnis und die digitalen Geisteswis @oxfordethicslab
- Saturday Jun 17 - 11:47am

Il mio contributo a "Il Futuro È:" progetto della Fondazione Agnelli:
- Saturday Jun 17 - 11:38am

The Logic of Design as a Conceptual Logic of Information accepted for pub. in Minds and Machines, really delighted
- Friday Jun 16 - 3:59pm

AI is all about problem solving decoupled from real intelligence (Floridi/Leonhard)
- Friday Jun 16 - 12:06pm

RT @peterkwells: .@Floridi talking ethics, human dignity & the use of language in the GDPR #TAAS17 @oxfordethicslab
- Thursday Jun 15 - 11:58am

Happiness Onlife, talk at VINT "The Pursuit of Digital Happiness" @oxfordethicslab @philosophybites @PhilosL
- Wednesday Jun 14 - 10:08pm

RT @MarnixJanssen: Does internet make us happy? @Floridi from @UniofOxford #vint2017 @oxfordethicslab @PhilosL
- Wednesday Jun 14 - 8:58am

Civilisation: France v England: French fans sing God Save The Queen
- Tuesday Jun 13 - 11:07pm

'The rise of the algorithm need not be bad news for humans.pdf' (not my title) op-ed for the Financial Times
- Tuesday Jun 13 - 5:41pm

'A fallacy that will hinder advances in artificial intelligence' (not my title), op-ed for Financial Times
- Tuesday Jun 13 - 5:33pm

Just feeling lucky, that's all:
- Tuesday Jun 13 - 4:58pm

RT @ernomijland: Luciano Floridi: “The digital age should be the age of good design.” #vint2017
- Tuesday Jun 13 - 2:52pm

RT @MarnixJanssen: Does internet make us happy? @Floridi from @UniofOxford #vint2017
- Tuesday Jun 13 - 2:52pm

RT @STROOMin: Trends van @Floridi tijdens #kvan17
- Tuesday Jun 13 - 1:09pm

The real opposition: pound down and inflation up. UK's self inflicted, gratuitous pain.
- Tuesday Jun 13 - 11:43am

Brexit meets Alice in Wonderland
- Tuesday Jun 13 - 11:33am

See you in Melbourne for the Networked Society Symposium.
- Tuesday Jun 13 - 10:24am

RT @plug103: More than ever : “We need a good dose of philosophy” @Floridi’s message to #ICPI2017 at #is4si2017 < absolutely
- Tuesday Jun 13 - 9:31am

RT @plug103: “Stop Scholasticism. ... Philosophy cannot be a a mere academic exercise” @Floridi at (virtually) #ICPI2017 #is4si2017
- Tuesday Jun 13 - 9:31am

Contra logica possibilia non est disputandum (or something like that)
- Tuesday Jun 13 - 9:28am