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EU citizen detention letters sent in error
- Wednesday Aug 23 - 4:08pm

In error, Britain tells dozens of EU citizens to leave
- Wednesday Aug 23 - 4:01pm

Does it matter if the UK leaves Euratom?
- Tuesday Aug 22 - 11:26pm

Published now, not before the referendum. "Reality check: What is the European Court of Justice?"
- Tuesday Aug 22 - 11:18pm

An interview (in German) for MacLife: Die 4. Revolution: Datenphilosoph Luciano Floridi im Interview
- Tuesday Aug 22 - 5:00pm

Google unveils a machine learning app for reporting on hate in America - FutureScot
- Tuesday Aug 22 - 1:35pm

A new “atlas” of cancer genes could help personalize therapies for patients
- Tuesday Aug 22 - 1:34pm

Machine-learning scanner keeps counterfeit products off the shelves
- Tuesday Aug 22 - 1:34pm

UK Regulations Need an Update to Make Way for Medical AI @oxfordethicslab
- Tuesday Aug 22 - 1:32pm

European Investment Bank cuts off cash for British building projects
- Tuesday Aug 22 - 1:01pm

Barnier gets passive-aggressive over Brexit talks progress via @CityAM
- Tuesday Aug 22 - 12:59pm

"The limitations of deep learning" by @fchollet a #mustread gem, do not miss it (thanks to @C__Cath).
- Tuesday Aug 22 - 7:50am

Do shorter hours or higher wages make better teachers? via @TheEconomist
- Monday Aug 21 - 9:37pm

The chaos of the Trump administration, in one picture via @voxdotcom
- Monday Aug 21 - 9:36pm

RT @wichtigeupdates Die 4. Revolution: Datenphilosoph Luciano Floridi im Interview
- Monday Aug 21 - 5:54pm

Universities are broke. So let’s cut the pointless admin and get back to teaching | André Spicer
- Monday Aug 21 - 9:23am

Due proposte anti monopoli sul digitale
- Monday Aug 21 - 9:17am

Ex-legal chief attacks Theresa May’s ‘foolish’ claim on European court of justice
- Sunday Aug 20 - 8:22am

To deal with Trump & Co. : "Tolerant Paternalism: Pro-ethical Design as a Resolution of the Dilemma of Toleration"
- Thursday Aug 17 - 7:23pm

Pound falls as inflation holds steady
- Tuesday Aug 15 - 12:50pm

Google Doesn’t Want What’s Best for Us via @NYTimes
- Sunday Aug 13 - 12:51pm

Philosophy as conceptual design (better than engineering):
- Wednesday Aug 9 - 10:02am

great synthesis of her work by Cathy O'Neil aka @mathbabedotorg Why We Need Accountable Algorithms
- Wednesday Aug 9 - 8:23am

No comment
- Monday Aug 7 - 7:01pm