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Woman deported despite 27-year marriage
- Monday Feb 27 - 7:02am

RT @euroia: Keynote #2 for #euroia17: Oxford professor of philosophy and ethics of information, Luciano Floridi, aka @Floridi
- Monday Feb 27 - 6:58am

RT @cianflah: Interesting view from @Floridi on #AI in #publicsector.
- Monday Feb 27 - 1:33am

RT @TahaYasseri: New Paper: Even Good Bots Fight w/ @tsvetkovadotme @ruthygarcia @Floridi of @oiioxford @turinginst
- Sunday Feb 26 - 10:49pm

Eva Cantarella ha "ripreso" il mio articolo su FT, titolo incluso: "La mancanza di idee genera fotocopie".
- Friday Feb 24 - 2:04pm

Intervista su: Wikipedia, è ‘guerra’ invisibile tra i robot correttori - Tecnologie -
- Friday Feb 24 - 10:14am

The Tories have no opposition, Labour must reform or it will disappear. "Tories hail 'historic' Copeland victory".
- Friday Feb 24 - 3:54am

Computer bots are more like humans than you might think, having fights lasting years
- Friday Feb 24 - 3:40am

Thank you 😎
- Wednesday Feb 22 - 5:05pm

My recent article for FT on robotax and robots as "electronic persons". @philosophybites @PhilosL @OUPPhilosophy
- Wednesday Feb 22 - 4:50pm

Forget genius. Science is the product of less-than-brilliant minds
- Tuesday Feb 21 - 11:50pm

(There is a reason why it does not) "UK 'should produce more of its own food'"
- Sunday Feb 19 - 4:17pm

EU citizens 'denied residency documents'
- Sunday Feb 19 - 1:12am

"is God possible?" video of the talk at Conference "Leibniz’s Visions - Three Centuries After": @philosophybites
- Saturday Feb 18 - 6:41pm

The boy behind Facebook's best chatbot
- Saturday Feb 18 - 3:15pm

Sooner or later reality catches up with Brexit: British consumers battered by Brexit inflation
- Friday Feb 17 - 5:40pm

European parliament calls for robot law, rejects robot tax
- Friday Feb 17 - 12:55am