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I nuovi orizzonti dell’#AI tra sfide, opportunità e buoni principi. Con @Floridi e @alefederferrari @IBMItalia
- Thursday Dec 14 - 3:59pm

Democracy still working: Brexit: Theresa May heads to Brussels after EU vote loss
- Thursday Dec 14 - 8:24am

RT @ruskin147: Catch @Floridi and @Marthalanefox in a forthcoming @BBCTechTent AI special
- Thursday Dec 14 - 8:22am

RT @justindclemens: Janice Richardson @MSCPhilosophy discussing conceptual & ethical relations between Spinoza…
- Thursday Dec 14 - 8:21am

RT @YasserHassab: I’m #reading الثورة الرابعة by Luciano Floridi
- Thursday Dec 14 - 4:26am

RT @alysonf: Four ways to think about technology and ethics from @Floridi #AIethics
- Wednesday Dec 13 - 6:45pm

RT @HetanShah: Fantastic line up @techUK @RoyalStatSoc etc conference today on #AIethics including @Marthalanefox
- Wednesday Dec 13 - 6:42pm

RT @Floridi: RT @OxfordGradStudy: Join @oiioxford researchers @Floridi and @RosariaTaddeo looking at #AIethics with…
- Wednesday Dec 13 - 6:41pm

RT @h_s_quinn: @turinginst Fellow @Floridi addresses the question of how to ensure ethical foresight at the TechUK…
- Wednesday Dec 13 - 6:40pm

RT @fpsmit: Archives in Liquid Times can be downloaded at: -…/archives-liquid-times (direct…
- Wednesday Dec 13 - 4:29pm

RT @OxfordGradStudy: Join @oiioxford researchers @Floridi and @RosariaTaddeo looking at #AIethics with new ‘Ethics…
- Wednesday Dec 13 - 3:35pm

RT @techUK: We start the day with Luciano Floridi discussing the philosophical issues around #AIethics with…
- Wednesday Dec 13 - 12:00pm

RT @08Practices: Great insights from @Floridi on how extraordinary #leaders are great storytellers. THE FOCUS via…
- Wednesday Dec 13 - 7:08am

RT @MamaIndustry: #Business e #Filosofia | “L’innovazione è una dialettica tra scollamento e incollamento: la trasf…
- Tuesday Dec 12 - 5:35pm

I just uploaded 'Transparent, Explainable, and Accountable AI for Robotics' by @SandraWachter5 @b_mittelstadt and…
- Tuesday Dec 12 - 12:05am

Here is my talk @HumanMindDebate #intelligenceandmind @oxfordethicslab @OUPPhilosophy @oiioxford
- Monday Dec 11 - 6:21pm

RT @HumanMindDebate: Many thanks everyone for joining us on #Periscope today for a brilliant series of…
- Monday Dec 11 - 3:44pm

See you tomorrow for a talk on artificial and human intelligence, @HumanMindDebate, Senate House @UoLondon. You ca…
- Sunday Dec 10 - 10:50pm

RT @UgoMorelli: @UgoMorelli @Floridi LA QUARTA RIVOLUZIONE. Come l'infosfera sta trasforman…
- Sunday Dec 10 - 5:45pm

RT @StuartHarker1: The fourth revolution: how the infosphere is reshaping human reality
- Saturday Dec 9 - 9:42am

RT @spina_aless: Great saturday morning to talk about artificial intelligence and health and how to regulate digita…
- Saturday Dec 9 - 9:41am

While Brexit happens... EU, Japan conclude world's largest free trade agreement.
- Friday Dec 8 - 4:29pm

To be clear: I argued for a theology of hope instead of faith: agnosticism is more rational than a/theism, and not…
- Friday Dec 8 - 10:10am

RT @jfelixcardoso: @Floridi on god not existing, not as unicorns, but as married bachelor’s, and other interesting…
- Thursday Dec 7 - 8:31pm

RT @ThisisartTV: En Oxford nos encontramos con Luciano Floridi para hablar de la parte más filosófica d’El Principi…
- Thursday Dec 7 - 8:27pm

San Francisco to restrict goods delivery robots
- Thursday Dec 7 - 11:57am

See you in Porto today for a keynote on “technologies of hope”: @oxfordethicslab @oiioxford
- Thursday Dec 7 - 11:45am

RT @ThisisartTV: A Oxford parlem amb el filòsof Luciano Floridi sobre ‘El Petit Príncep’, un llibre amb moltes cape…
- Wednesday Dec 6 - 11:47pm

RT @imsogb: Annual scientific meeting! This Saturday 9th December, from 9 am @iiclondra with support from…
- Wednesday Dec 6 - 11:45pm